The Lift Industry Karting Challenge is an annual event open to any lift or escalator company from anywhere in the world, together with recognised suppliers to the UK Lift & Escalator industry.

Team Entry

Companies in the Lift & Escalator industry can enter. Each team must have 4 drivers. Teams of less than 4 drivers can still compete, but will be disqualified from the awards.


Driver Eligibility

All drivers must be employees of the company they represent. A mixture of drivers from several companies to make up a team may be made, if agreed by the race committee at least 30 days before the race. These teams will be identified to all other team managers, however, drivers not associated with the industry are not allowed and if entered will DISQUALIFY the whole team. Teams may be asked for proof in this respect and if unable to produce satisfactory evidence on the day of complying with this rule may be disqualified. The committee are aware of so called "karters" in some companies. It is a requirement that no more than 2 "karters" can drive for any one team. No driver can race in more than one team. The committee's decision on whether a driver is a karter or not is final.


Driver Changes and Compulsory Pit Stops

All teams must make a driver change as near to 30 minute intervals as practical. If any team appears by race control to be extending or reducing this time unreasonably, a 60s stop-go penalty will be made on the team. Further infringements will be penalised by an additional 60s stop-go penalty for each offence. Each team must have had a minimum of 7 driver changes at the end of the race and no driver may drive for longer than 1 hour 5 minutes in total. This is monitored by race control and if they fail to spot infringements your fellow competitors will not! A driver change MUST take place at each pit stop, the same driver must not get back in and continue racing.


General Regulations

Normal race rules apply and will be explained during the driver briefing by the race director and event organiser. All drivers must attend the driver briefing and any driver not attending will give their team a 5 lap penalty.

Communication Equipment

Any two way radio communication equipment of any kind is not allowed as this can interfere with the radios used by race controls and marshals.


Lift Industry Kart Challenge Committee

The decision of the Lift Industry Kart Challenge committee before, during and after is final. Please note that once the race is underway the whole event is handed over to the Buckmore Park Race and his support team.



Should infringements of the rules, unreasonable or deliberate contact, rude gestures etc. be noticed, then team penalties will be applied. This will be dealt with by the race director and can involve but not be limited to black flags, lap or time penalties and on a very serious or dangerous incident, removal from the circuit.

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